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Hosting a Successful Event

One of the secrets to growing your business is to keep current customers engaged and to bring new customers in the door. Hosting an event at your location or at a local venue can be a great way to increase your exposure to potential customers and showcase your business offerings. When done right, an event is an effective way to engage with your customers, market your products and services, and meet referrals. Events are also a great opportunity to network with local businesses with cross promotion.

Event Testimonials

“I have had two Image Events. Both were huge successes”… “JAmy helped me through the process of setting up the events, giving great examples from other events and was dedicated the success of my events. Her wealth of information and customer service skills turned nearly every consultation into a sell and future service! I can’t wait to have another event!”

- Heather Argentine, LE Heather Argentine Medical Aesthetics

“…Not only did Amy advise me on “sure fire”, marketing strategies and ideas to increase my guest count, she also ensured that I was stocked with enough IMAGE product, samples and marketing material” …”The evening was such a success! My clients, colleagues and friends from the community that attended , were calling days after the party to commend me on such a fantastic party, and all commented what a delight it was to get a personal consultation from Jacqueline. Her consultations, netted June Bug Skin Care, just over 3K in 3hours!”

- Heidi Schulte, LE June Bug Skincare

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